D. Roy Brubaker, a committed artist French/Lebanese artist

      D. Roy Brubaker is deeply committed to the production of his unique and artistic works. Each piece clearly invokes reflection from the viewer; each time the viewer’s soul is carefully considered.

      These paintings are intense at first sight, vibrant and bold, though the musings of each piece force the audience to consider fundamental questions; each question has a unique form for every individual. He is a 4th generation Phoenician and continues to display his dedication to the local community, giving back in creative and thoughtful ways.

      Most recently he hosted “Dreaming of a Cheeseburger”, which focused on raising funds for local nonprofits by giving the local homeless community a voice on each of the pieces displayed.

      D. Roy has also shown he is not afraid to challenge the conventionalities of the art community; he hosted a successful solo show in his apartment which brought to light a need to develop the strained relationship(s) between galleries and artists. The constructions, both on canvas and on brick, are manifestations of what was originally created in bursts in Paris with friends iSaidaHip.

      His works combine collages of different mediums and produce a language Phoenix needs, one that is no longer spoken in a whisper. D. Roy rejects the idea of anonymous art. The artist is a person and we are no longer collecting art, we are buying individuals.

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      Léna SOUBEYRAN

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