Colorisi, the beauty break French Brand

      Founded by Honnart Vincent, the Colorisi brand is for all demanding women who do not want to make any concessions between Naturalness, Efficiency and Glamour.

      Colorisi makeup does not just reveal and sublimate the beauty of women. Real make-up care, it is formulated with premium quality natural active ingredients, chosen for their anti-aging, protective, soothing and nourishing properties. The flagship asset, plumping and antioxidant coffee. It is with the chlorogenic acid, of the family of the esters, that the coffee owes its main antioxidant properties. Coffee supports the formation of collagen and elastin, it also improves the physiological balance of the skin. Other assets are also offered: clary sage water, 7 rare vegetable oils & Premium (Apricot oil, Abyssinian oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Karanja oil, Macadamia oil and Ricin oil), 2 waxes Vegetables (Apricot wax and Candelilla wax), vitamin E, 2 vegetable butters (Babassu butter and shea butter) and finally corn starch.

      Thus, the jewel cases of Colorisi products are made of cherry wood and aluminum, in order to offer elegant, simple cosmetics, and in harmony with nature. Colorisi packagings have also been designed to accommodate refills. These rechargeable cases are available on the entire range of powders, lipsticks and concealers. With its housings, Colorisi offers a more ecological approach and respectful of the environment but especially economic.

      For your pleasure, the Colorisi range includes 36 references for the make-up of eyes, lips and complexion that you can discover on Psst … We reserve you a nice surprise in the coming days!

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