Cobra Mousse : reversible and unisex trousers Made in France

      Those singular and unisex are the idea of Nabil Moustaid, who wonders aout his roots, creating the ultimate symbol of fusion between the Orient and the Occident. Entirely made in France, the trousers are available in limited edition on the website.

      The new Cobra Mousse trousers open up and break the gender codes with the help of an unique concept of reversibility that let the ones that wear them totally free. On one side there is a wax print, with African and Orientals  colorful patterns. This is actually the heritage of the designer who is Moroccan. On the other side, there is a unified fabric, classic and discreet, that can be highlight with touches of colors, like hems or pockets.

      With this first collection, between streetwear and luxury, the young designer offers changeable pieces of clothing that adapt to every style and outfits.

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      Margot Viel

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