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      Whether you’re an online shopper or a physical shopper, the desire to buy designer or luxury clothes is a popular topic. Fashion week, social events, celebrities… are all elements that push us to dream of these products more or less inaccessible for a buyer who doesn’t have the budget to afford the piece or pieces of his dreams. Nevertheless, we all have in our dressing rooms at least one piece of brand name and/or luxury. As followers of trends, in order to be able to do crazy things while obtaining branded products, we have concocted solutions for you if you don’t have the patience to wait for the sales.

      Websites with good tips

      Firstly, more and more good deals are being offered on the Internet in response to the ever-increasing demand. Whether you are thrifty or not, surfing on platforms that bring together good deals is one of the things to grasp with websites such as, a platform of promo codes and good plans to test in various fields: beauty, food, ready-to-wear, shoes or cooking.

      Having the last Ugg pair, the last Celine bag or the last Maje dress, will have no more secrets for you. On these sites, you are sure to get new free samples, contests, odr “Refund offers, Editor’s note”, private sales… which allow you to save even more money!

      After a tour of the good websites, you can also find what you’re looking for multi-brands e-shop such as Asos, Farfetch or Yoox. These online shops will allow you to have access to brand-name and luxury items at reduced rates, because they offer promotions and have « outlet » access open to all, all year round. Happiness guaranteed!

      Private sales

      Cheaper branded clothing also means private sales. It is impossible to miss this option to find your must at a low price. It’s good to be trendy, but it’s better to save money !

      It’s no longer a secret that everyone knows the private sales websites which generally offer bargains of -30 to -70 % (if not more when the parts are long…). These famous sites flourish on the web at incredible speed and compete mercilessly by offering trendy branded products for a limited time only.

      Ready-to-wear, lingerie, accessories… Nothing escapes them. Most of the time, it’s unsold goods or products that need to be liquidated. Nevertheless, don’t worry: the products sold are always of good quality and checked before any sale.

      Among these private sales sites, you can find what you are looking for at,,, or

      It’s a great opportunity to indulge yourself and maybe, who knows, find that coin that has been flooding your thoughts and dreams for days, weeks… For those who don’t like to gamble by buying duplicate coins, to make sure they have the right product, or who can’t stand waiting endless days to receive their parcels, we have a sub-option in this solution.

      You should know that some brands sold on these sites, organize at least once a year, private sales in stores. All you have to do is register in advance on the customer file, and you are sure to receive a small invitation card or an e-invitation to a private sale.

      The outlet center (Factory outlets)

      In order to spend as little as possible and shop economically, you no longer need to be in an ultra-select network. Everything is at your fingertips and available at any time. No need to wait for your invitation card to the next private sale of The Kooples or Chanel!

      A simple solution: factory outlets, also called outlet centers). Today there are a large number of destocking signs in France. For those looking for the ultimate luxury, There is notably La Vallée Village, an outlet chic centre located in 77 in Seine-Et-Marne (Ile-de-France).

      You will find products offered by major brands like Givenchy, Celine, Ralph Lauren, or Dolce & Gabbanna. With this, you won’t have to go broke to get that coveted piece.

      If 77 seems too far away to you, there are also plenty of shops in the capital. Just like La Vallée Village, these store stocks offer major brands at very affordable prices up to -90%. (Oh yes! You’re not dreaming!). You can find brands like Azzedine Alaïa, Gucci or Armani. No more need to break your piggy bank to get the same coin as your favourite star.

      Finally, another option that is beginning to become more democratic: ephemeral outlet centers. If we tell you, Arlettie, we think very few people know what that is. It’s simply an outlet center that offers products from big houses such as Lanvin, Fendi or Ginette NY at their 2 main addresses throughout the year.

      Simply put, these are event sales that require you to be a member every year to take advantage of these unlimited private sales up to -90% off. This costs 50€ per annual membership.

      The Occasion

      The second-hand market has been booming for several years. For vintage fans, there’s nothing like going to thrift stores where vintage pieces are just waiting for you. Among other things, these low-price boutiques are the keystone of a globalized economy where the stakes are much higher than just pieces of fabric. Loved and decried at the same time, fripe and retro are now standardised by the new generation. You can also shop for vintage products on the vintage e-shop !

      Luxury often means budget insanity. And since you don’t necessarily want to spend a month’s salary on a piece of clothing, it’s also better to take advantage of the opportunity. You also have the option of sites such as Vestiaire Collective or Vinted which allow individuals to Resell their new or used products at a lower cost.

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