Moreca Atelier travels its bags Travel Brand

      People like traveling. This is a well-known fact. Modern people move a lot around the planet and even out of its borders. They spend hours and days of their lives tracing endless trajectories on the globe. Bags are their permanent fellow travelers.

      MORECA ATELIER presents their bags travelogue. They say their bags adore traveling. The creators of these accessories are from the aviator’s dynasty, so the bags have got the gene of adventures imprinted in their DNA. Speechless tourists, they see the beauty of new cities and feel the atmosphere of breathtaking views and wonderful places. So Moreca Atelier decided to imagine how the best memories of the bag’s journeys would look like and captured them in gouache paintings.

      Founded in 2008, Moreca Atelier is both a small family company and a global creative laboratory that invites to cooperation the world’s best experts – from Italy and Switzerland to Hong Kong and the USA. The brand combines ultra-modern design with an extensive knowledge of aviation history, the traditions of skinner craftsmanship with the art of watchmaking.

      Moreca Atelier creates items, each of which turns through the years into an almanac of emotions, saturated with journeys, events and stories.

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