Beautiful and trendy on the beach! Advice

      As summer approaches, women are getting ready to enjoy a tropical vacation. But they often get lost in the vastness of the choices on offer. In order to get the idea before you buy, we offer you some advice on how to be charming on the beach. Your beauty will be highlighted with a trendy swimsuit, a beach bag and mat set and a modern hat.

      A trendy swimsuit

      Bathing suits are a must when planning a trip to the coast. The 1-piece swimsuit will surprise you with its simplicity. It has the chic to highlight feminine curves effortlessly and soberly. For those who love cleavage, you can find out more on e-commerce websites specialising in women’s outfits and accessories, such as Luz Collections. Some of them even have the advantage of being eco-friendly.

      Are you one of those women with generous curves? Choose the two-piece swimsuit or the trikini. These models allow you to assert your personality and are increasingly in vogue. To enjoy the sun with a breathtaking outfit, opt for printed fabrics that offer a wide range of choices in terms of colour.

      Do you want your bathing suit to maintain its charm throughout the summer months? Go for high-quality fabrics. For example, you can buy a swimsuit made of recycled nylon. It’s waterproof and fits perfectly.

      A modern beach bag and mat set

      Would you like more comfort while you tan? Would you like to make the most of your beach holiday ? The beach bag and mat set is one of the must-haves that you must include in your shopping list. The harmony between these two accessories is revealed by their identical model and colour. The set is easy to transport thanks to an alloy system. This makes it possible to individualise and unite the elements effortlessly.

      Remember to choose a bag big enough to hold all your belongings (briefcase, glasses, wallet, mobile phone…). A nice bag is good, a bag that holds all your beach stuff is better.

      The mat is very useful when you are resting on the beach. Not only is it nice, but it’s also the best way to protect yourself from the burning sand. This accessory can be unrolled directly on the sand so that you can enjoy a magnificent view of the oceans. There are many different types of this accessory, including sea grass, with beautiful weaves and patterns that will make your friends pale with envy.

      A beach hat in the spirit of the times

      Although there are several types of hats, Panama is still by far the most chic when you settle down at the water’s edge. There is no more effective way to protect your face from sunburn without chemicals. With its classic style, it also gives a classy and casual look that will leave no one indifferent.

      The straw hat, for its part, seduces above all by its great flexibility and lightness. It also has the advantage that it can be worn with almost any outfit, from the most chic to the most relaxed. For a top look, match the colour of your headgear with those of your sandals.

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