What to Pack for an Instagram-envy Vacation By Brigitte Evans

      If there are no photos it didn’t happen. That is the general attitude of most Instagram users. So if you are one of then you’ll want to produce top quality photos from your dream vacation you will definitely have to pack accordingly. Missing a key piece of an outfit is definitely not an option. In this article, we will go through some essential pieces that you need to include in your suitcase so that each photo you post is perfection, regardless of your vacation destination.  

      The season dictates the fashion

      Depending on the season, your vacation fashion will differ substantially. So the first step is checking the weather conditions at the destination of your choice. It is always far easier to have several summer choices all packed up then it is winter ones. A winter vacation demands a lot more layering, and at least two coats if you don’t want to be in the same outfit on every picture taken outside.

      So before you start packing, you need to consider, day-by-day fashion choices so that you have different outfits for each day or at least different combinations. Don’t forget to bring your shoe game as well, you do want to experiment with different photo angles and positions, and the right pair of shoes can really make an outfit pop.

      Great outfits are a must but don’t forget about makeup

      Lights, camera, lipstick. You need to make sure your makeup is on point when it comes to Instagram-worthy vacation photos. Even the ones where you want to point out that you are going makeup-free, at least your tan needs to look flawless. So if you have a favorite product that you use at home, make sure it finds its place in your travel bag.

      You can always put your quality L’Occitane almond milk in one of the smaller travel bottles and have it wit you at all times. It is important to maintain your skin throughout your entire vacation, especially if you opt for a summer time destination where you will be exposing it to a lot of skin to the damaging sun rays, it is important to keep your skin healthy, protected and moisturized to get that perfect filter-free images. 

      Make sure you pack key staple items

      Smart packing is a must when you are going on a vacation and you want to look your best for the photos. This means that you need to have some idea regarding what you want to wear while thee, and having a preselected set of staple items will help you create outfits more efficiently. 

      Now, for seaside vacation staple items include a pair of denim shorts that can be ideal for the beach, but also for a night out, when combined with a great shirt and a cute pair of heels. Second on the list is of must-pack staple item is a great bag, you need your beach bag to be both fun and practical so that it can hold all your items and look great on the pictures. Make sure that the fabric of the bag can match several different types of shoes so that you have options. For the swimsuit it is not the choice that is missing, for example a Seafolly bikini on Glamuse. Finally, in case you are going on a winter vacation, the list needs to be a bit modified. In that case, staple items should include a versatile scarf, a pair of stylish gloves, and last, and certainly not least a great pair of boots that you can wear above and under pants.

      You do need to look great en route as well

      Yes, packing for great photos on location is important. But your carry on should also be well-stocked with some key items. Some photos from the plane are a must, and you don’t want to arrive at the desired destination looking like a hot mess. So the first step is to pack some additional clothing options so that you can easily change as you are reaching your destination. Make sure you look good boarding and leaving the plane, a comfortable outfit doesn’t have to be dated.

      You can combine a pair of leggings with a great top and a hat for an additional flair, and of course a pair of sunglasses are a must. Why not go for that move star look while you are travelling. Have your basic makeup kit at hand so that you can freshen up, that way your first photos from vacation will look stunning, and nobody will believe you spend hours on the plane getting there.

      You are now all packed up for that ideal Instagram-worthy vacation. You will have the ideal outfit and looks to combine while enjoying your vacation. All that is left is to have a great time and get those amazing photos that you will love sharing with your followers. A selfy or two is always a great idea as well. Save travels !

      By Brigitte Evans

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