Vintage at its peak with online thrift store Timeless trend

      Several years ago, the word « fripe » could frighten some people. But today, the vintage clothing industry, especially vintage clothing, has become a worldwide success. Some of the biggest fashion houses such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Céline or Balmain also play with vintage codes by reinventing the old ones and seeing the very first collections/pieces created earlier.

      Before we talk about thrift stores online, let’s take a brief look at the evolution and challenges of fashion. Indeed, fashion is by definition, temporal and ephemeral depending on one era to another. Thus, its particular characteristic is its constant renewal. Paradoxically, this can define the way to be synonymous with an unceasing search for the novelty and trend of the moment. Vintage fashion is the opposite: vintage refers to all pieces that are old and retro.

      As mentioned above, vintage fashion is at its peak today, thanks to democratization and the constant search for old pieces. At first it started with the opening of vintage physical shops, then followed by clothing stores of all kinds, and finally, by online clothing stores that keep flourishing on the web. When you say thrift store online, you mean distance selling. Thus, this allows e-commerce sites such as Fripologie, the first online thrift store, which aims to offer vintage pieces to the whole family, whatever your style, to consume recycled fashion.

      We all know that brands no longer invent anything (or almost). With online second-hand clothing, the products are evolutive and always in line with the current trend, even though each piece is vintage. Finding rare pieces with vintage has become child’s play! Whether you are a fan of original, classic or in-between products, you will find the right shoe for you. The fripe trend is a kind of transition that offers you, old and new clothes, in an eco-responsible approach.

      If we talk about prices, the pieces can range from very low prices (€1 for example) to several thousand euros, or even at prices on request, for some rare unpublished pieces from major luxury and fashion houses for example. The value of a vintage piece or a vintage clothing store is very variable. This price difference is due to the fact that some people are looking for parts prior to the 1940’s (and we know that these parts are sometimes not available for sale or only for sale at auctions. And this is due to the reputation for superior quality that is difficult to find nowadays. The fact of preferring period clothing, works, objects, or accessories comes mainly from their rarity. The main interest is in the nostalgia of the origins but also in the need for authenticity that many seek.

      The word vintage has become a fashion in its own right. This fashion does not only extend to the fashion sector and it should also be stressed that it has almost become an institution, a lifestyle (lifestyle for the most connected). Apart from videe-dressings, specialised second-hand clothing stores or upcycling events (vintage fairs, eco-responsible…etc), there are more and more derivatives of Vintage. Restaurants, bars, discotheques are also making their debut in this phenomenon. Nevertheless, the Internet remains the most promising place of this revolution! There is in particular the Fashion Revolution Week, including the « Who made my clothes? » movement which defends the fact of committing to a more responsible fashion. Let’s not forget social networks, especially Instagram or Facebook, which allow individuals, influencers and celebrities to easily resell their old clothes by creating only an account to start their business.

      Finally, if we have to ask ourselves two important questions: By buying vintage, does it allow us to combine accessible shopping and ecological awareness? Online clothing is an excellent alternative to waste. Is it really in line with ecology? Only time will tell! Nevertheless, we know that by focusing on the purchase of second-hand clothing, we are contributing to our scale. In the meantime, get your clothes on, Shoppez!

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