The remarkable illustrations of Thib French Artist

      Thibault Colon de Franciosi or more recognizable under the name of Thib is an illustrator, self-taught and independent, with a style very BD / Comics.

      He launches an original project on Ulule whose funding is participatory, for his new Artbook which will be entirely made with ballpoint pen. Yes, yes, you have heard, the pen that everyone uses at school or in everyday life! A simple tool but with which we can do wonders with a lot of patience!

      Inside this Artbook, you will discover a bold concept of about fifty sometimes sexy illustrations made using several ballpoint pens of different colors (Blue, red, green, but also pink, purple…) completed with a mysterious little character (wink of a future project for 2020 with the author Johanna Zaïre).

      Lire la version française

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