The Phonogalerie, the space dedicated to music Parisian Musical Space

      Jalal Gérald Aro, the thinking head of The Phonogalerie offers this space dedicated to phonographs, gramophones, electrophones and the history of recording in the heart of Paris. Following several experiments, particularly for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Paul Smith’s shops, or the purchase of his first phonograph, which turns out to be a copy, he decided to embark on this field.

      With his companion Charlotte, they go in search of interesting models and develop contacts in the four corners of the world with the world of collectors. Persevering, he builds a vast and homogeneous personal collection. His passion becomes more and more important, so much so that he decides to make it his profession. Then, one friend gives him one local near the cemetery of Pere Lachaise in Paris. It quickly comes to him that his passion must be exposed and that this field of unknown knowledge must be shown and accessible to all.

      He goes in search of the ideal place and what he likes to shelter his project, wishing to locate it in the heart of what was formerly the headquarters of the café-concert: the axis Montmartre-Pigalle. Thus was opened the Phonogalerie in Pigalle, 10 rue Lallier, Paris 9. The Phonogalerie, whose activity is not limited to the sale, also organizes exhibitions and all cultural actions related to the performing arts and the sound recording.

      Since September 2014, guided tours, concerts, conferences and many other cultural activities are managed by the PHONO Museum Paris which is located next door at 53, boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris 9. These two musical spaces are to discover absolutely !

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