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      #KODDMUSIC, the interview of Sofi Tukker, the duo of house music from New York, featuring Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tukker Halpern. They have succeeded since their European conquest with the release of Drinkee, used by Apple and McDonald in their advertisements and which is famous in clubs !

      #Koddmusic : Can you tell us about yourself and your career ?

      Sophie Hawley-Weld : I’m Sophie and this is Tukker ! I love to dance, I love all types of movements. We have a lot of fans, and we love to being in different universes, and being able to connect with people and dance with people.
      Tukker Halpern : I’m tall and I like basketball, and house music ! We started a band together, and now it turns down on the world, playing music.

      #Koddmusic : And about your beginning and signing with Ultra Records ?

      Sophie : We met at college, we moved to New York, we released our sound Drinkee, then we released few other sounds, and we ended up working with Ultra Music.
      Tukker : We were worldwide so I’ve searched just one of the many Sony labels « Ultra Records » Editor’s Note that we requiered, but we love them, they’re great !

      #Koddmusic : Why house music ?

      Tukker : Because I love it, because it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever made. It makes someone happy, you know, just dance and be free and forget about the bullshit.

      #Koddmusic : What are your musical influences ?

      Sophie : I listen to a lot of brazilian music, and I used to train west african dance, I used to write folk music, so I come from very different worlds, that has been mixed. But I also like house music.
      Tukker : My influences are more DJ, type, stuff and picked up over the years house music. But I also like indie and pop, rock, and punk. Also about different elements.

      #Koddmusic : So, about your hit music Drinkee, used in Apple and Mc Donald’s ads, what was the main idea to create Drinkee ?

      Tukker : We were just in the studio, hanging, working, and we were like « Let’s make this song… », we breath and it just happened, you know, the guitar riff happened. And Sophie wrote the poetry over the top of it and that song is super hot and then we just come around with it, and it just happened, it’s the first song we really wrote together.
      Sophie : It’s influenced by the Brazilian poet Chacal.

      #Koddmusic : What are your future projects ?

      Sophie : We are in a process of finishing our album and you’ll hear a lot of the songs, new songs we’ve writtened and yeah, we’re just finishing in that and probably we will release it sometimes really next year. And after we’ll come back to Paris.

      #Koddmusic : In last words for our readers ?

      Tukker : We love you, play our music… « laught » Editor’s note No I’m just kidding ! We really do appreciate « Paris » Editor’s Note, it’s really cool like I’ve never been to Paris before in my life. And for people to enjoy our music, and like free concert. I guess I just say thank you, thank you guys for carrying and for playing our music.
      Sophie : Yes, I would say the same, thanks !

      Get to know Sofi Tucker…

      Photos & informations collected by Angela Anz.
      Victoire Beyens

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