Social media that we forgot Chronicle

      Who never have an MSN account, a Skyrock blog or MySpace? Now with the internet revolution and the arrival of new job and the number of Youtube account continue to rise, our old social media are for the most forgotten. Remember, some years ago YouTube, SnapChat or What’s App wasn’t our favorite social media like they are now. Their ancestor which we all have known, are now passed or definitively finish.

      Even your youth wasn’t rocked by emoticons and chat with a questionable spelling, you must kwon all the old famous social media. You may have the chance to be exited after school to join all your best friend on MSN for chat and ad emoji and wizz (which was insupportable).

      About the Skyrock blogs, don’t lie, we all have try to speak about our life or invent a new life. From our article tittle to the posted images, our blog abound citations and traduce our humor. But MSN is definitively finish and others which we passed all our time have been replaced by a new generation of social media.

      Now the MNS chat have been replaced by Snapchat which permit video calls, photo sending and chats, Skyrock blog have been transformed in Youtube channels and MySpace it’s the old SoundCloud. What’s App is the application with replace all chat because you can communicate everywhere in the world for free. So if your are nostalgic about MSN, we let you listen all sound of your old best friend!

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