Shokoro’s world, Easter by Edwart Chocolatier French brand

      Edwart Chocolatier presents his new crazy collection: « Le monde de Shokoro ». The program: a sparkling universe populated by colorful and greedy creatures.

      For the Easter holidays, Edwart Chocolatier once again invites chocolate lovers to travel … After transporting them to a land populated by « Unicorn Superstars » last year, the House invites them today to a place that will delight those and those who have kept their child’s soul: the world of Shokoro.

      This universe, in which nature predominates, is populated by singular and greedy creatures. We find Shokoro and Mini-Shoko, forest spirits that change color according to their moods, but also the Egg of the Woods, magic egg from an ancestral tree. Their powers? Illuminate the everyday and delight the taste buds with their Grand Cru chocolate dresses and their crispy and melting toppings.

      This collection is inspired by manga and Japanese culture, which members of the Edwart team are particularly fond of. « I appreciate this universe for its poetry and originality and it was a while that I wanted to be inspired by an Edwart collection. – Edwin, founder of the House.

      Shokoro and his friends, as well as the Easter classics of the House, will be available on Thursday, March 1st at the Edwart Marais and Concorde shops.

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