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      « Take care of your hair, love the planet » – a motto that Shaeco stands for. Shaeco is more than just an eco-friendly brand. More than just a strong, eco-friendly, more sustainable and economical shampoo, Shaeco is a lifestyle that leads sustainable development, from the skin to the heart of One & Done. That’s why the transport packaging is made from the industry remains of the world’s largest cork producer. The Peeble, one of several distinctive elements of the new brand, looks like a pebble turned over by the sea. But the polishing goes further than the surface… We tell you more below!

      Made in Natural Solid Shampoo

      If you’ve ever blown pebbles into the water, you know that there are small gestures that make a difference… And not only by the shock waves they cause. It’s also for the pleasure of the challenge and the satisfaction of the result. Shaeco, the new European cosmetics brand, knows this. This is why, from Portugal to the world, through the online shop, the brand wants to stand out on the cosmetics market.
      How can this be achieved? Quite the opposite, in a way. And not necessarily the easiest way. Without extremisms or fundamentalisms of any kind, Shaeco is a vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free brand, which, apart from wasting less water in the production process, uses minimalist packaging, 100% recycled and recyclable, with vegetable oil-based paints (just that!).

      More than the challenge of the routine of people who wash their hair with a liquid shampoo, usually distributed in disposable plastic packaging, Shaeco wants to appeal to a conscious cosmopolitan consumption, thanks to the strength of its arguments and the quality of its products. These advantages encourage small changes in our daily lives, towards lifestyles that are conscious and that contribute to a better, more sustainable world.
      For example, Shaeco One & Done Solid Shampoo is free of salt, keratin, parabens, LSS (sodium lauryl sulphate – the main cause of scalp damage) and sulphites. Each 115 gram unit contains hardly any substitutes that are more environmentally friendly and is enriched with argan oil and coconut extract.

      Shaeco arrives in France and around the world

      Composed of a solid base and a unique formula, for all hair types, it is a solid shampoo suitable for the whole family. The first response of the market to the launch of Shaeco is more than positive (a loyal customer base already well established) and this seems to be transversal to all consumers and all specificities. The brand has reached the point where it has already planned its growth in several directions: more product variety, other online sales channels and new markets.
      In a recognised niche sector, internationalisation is a prerequisite and not a point of honour. The brand’s ambition is therefore global. It has the assurance that France, Germany, the United Kingdom and then the Nordic countries, the United States and Canada are correct bets, due to the volume of the markets, the rate of consumption of the typology of products and the environmental concern that crosses the respective companies.

      Made in Portugal, a 115g Shaeco solid shampoo is offered at 14,99€. It can be accompanied by its Pebble transport box for 22,90€. At the editorial office, we adhere to the Shaeco concept and you? (Re)discover, adopt the brand without moderation!

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