Selfesse by Frenzy and Labobette Made in France

      La Bobette is a french made brand, born in December 2015. It got its name from Québec, where Pauline Guyau and Julia Jais met. Both women, passionate about panties, decided, after their studies, to launch a common project : original and french panties !

      La Bobette is built around on concept that mix art and fashion. They wanted each panty to be unique and considered like a master piece. So they invited 5 artists that put their designs on the products of the first collection. This promote and encourage new artists ! You will find each artists’s portrait on their web site

      At a time where everything is done quickly, La Bobette wanted to renew our consumption habits, by bringing a more human and participative approach, with a concept of artistic collaboration and a return to the interest of materials. Those panties are made of cotton, that gives an extra softness and a durability to the product.

      LaBobette and Marion Dupas, artist and director, have collaborated last fall on the printed panty « boobs tree », made in France. In order to support this product, Marion has proposed a short film, which have reached the absurd, to communicate with a delicate sense of humor the entire collection designed by different artists.

      Inspired by the internet buzz of selfies, she tried the exercise of « selfesses » taking it quite seriously. From this, Marion choose to show this funny exercice in her film featuring two adults in a search for the perfect selfesse.

      Find below Marion Dupas’s short film !

      « Find your favorite pattern, your universe, and each of you will find the perfect panty ! »

      Margot VIEL

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