Post Tradition unveils its Chorda collection Made in Italy

      Post Tradition is an Italian brand born in 2016 from an idea of Nicola Damian and realized with the collaboration of two of his friends – Fabio Bosello, regarding design, and Luisa Rasia regarding the creativity.

      Post Tradition creates luxury products that connect the worlds of fashion and design. It is a container for ideas and projects that may take on different forms in the future. Post Tradition’s frst collection is CHORDA, a multifunctional line of body accessories.

      The collection draws inspiration from Japanese bondage, whilst deliberately taking a step back from it. Chorda is, in fact, an urban, chic and minimal accessory. Post Tradition has chosen not to use leather or any other material of animal origin. A conscious choice, as well as an aesthetic one: their desire is to transform the concept of body harness into a less aggressive version, with a less explicit connotation, suitable for everyday life.

      Entry into Post Tradition‘s universe !

      Lire la version française

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