Paris Show Some Love, the new John Milk’s engaged album French artist

      After a first soul album Treat Me Right, acclaimed by medias and the European scene, John Milk comes back with Paris Show Some Love, an engaged and modern R&B album.

      With his new album that will come out the 24th of march, John Milk dares a musical twist that associate beatmaking, electro and hip-hop to make Paris Show Some Love a funk a d modern album that could seduce Childisch Gambino fans by doing a sort of synthesis of sounds that goes from Prince to J Dilla. John Milk is back more inspired and groovy than ever. Through Paris Show Some Love, he finds vocal accents not that different from the Californian Mayer Hawthorne or even Jamie Lidell, two prophets of a boosted R&B, the one of today, just like is testifying the first pop and groovy extract :  When I Get Down.

      From his own experience, as an ex label manager (Ka Records) and his collaborations with several soul Parisian labels, (Heavenly, Sweetness, Favorite Recording), John Milk wanted a synthesis of recording methods, using for exemple live recording on a Tascam 8 analogues tracks, invoking ancient recording tape’s heat, introducing beatmaking and hip-hop culture thanks to other machines, like rythm boxes, Mogg, synthesizers, samplers.. giving a musical patchwork, a mosaic of sounds open to experiments.

      The lyrics have been wrote afterwords, once the musical energy came out of the delivered songs. It’s a big work, of sound sculpture where the deepest and engaged texts come to confront heady melodies. Paris Show Some Love is an album full of messages. Its author, while writing the album, have been deeply touched by the tragic Parisian night in november 2015.

      The title Paris Show Some Love is indeed a vibrant tribute, a message dedicated to the victims of this terrible night. On this new album, John Milk offers a personal and intimate thought on the ability of each and everyone of us to create our own path, and wonders about what can do a human being to move the lines in a period where creation and modernity are the best response to the obscurantism. His album Paris Show Some Love will be out the 24th of march.

      John Milk will be doing a concert the 30th of march at the Nouveau Casino. You can hear below When I Get Down, an extract from the album.

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      Margot Viel

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