NJ & Friends, the new fashion experience French Store

      NJ & Friends opens its doors just a stone’s throw from rue Etienne-Marcel, a unique venue showcasing brands from around the world each month with a vision that is both upscale and urban. Joël & Yinuo, the creative couple of the NJ.COD Paris brand, have thought in creating NJ & Friends a space for sharing and discovery between clients and young designers. The NJ & Friends concept store sets up a new system of development with a greater sense of solidarity, by propelling emerging international brands into a designer and minimalist wardrobe.

      NJ & Friends allows these brands to exhibit and promote their creations through events. Beyond a boutique, an experience that brings fashion to life in a different way. In a constant renewal, the concept store integrates new brands every month. The four large showcases will present the alliance between the brands’ image and the retro futuristic universe of the concept store. For the opening, ready-to-wear designers (Gagan Paul, AEMCY, Ray Chu Studios, Marine Henrion, Chromable, Irné, République Joseph, NJ.COD Paris, etc.) will cohabit with pieces by accessory designers (Maison Initial, Sakoloko, Orega, Lizzy Paris et Donnant Donnant, etc.), in a space laid out like a 60’s-70’s apartment.

      The NJ & Friends selection dresses men and women on the same level.

      The store is located at 20 rue Pierre Lescot 75001.

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