Nina Johannson and her music video One Step Too Low Swedish singer

      Nina Johansson was born in Kalmar, Sweden, a small baroque town bordering the Baltic Sea Strait. Installed in Paris, her music retains in her the special atmosphere of this Nordic melancholy, this invitation to travel through the infinite and solitary plains.

      Influenced by various influences – from Neil Young to Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Portishead and Radiohead – Nina offers us a particular musical genre; A progressive trip-hop post, where metallic pianos and aerial textures rub shoulders with deep and throbbing rhythms, reaching the shores of minimalist music where violins stretch on the rope, a dark and bewitching universe serves as a setting for his voice as a fallen angel.

      An atmosphere to discover through the clip « One step too low » below.

      Lire la version française 

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