Luni has no more « Temps À Perdre » – exclu French Artist

      Luni is not an ordinary artist. And the covers of his series of 4 colors, « Black », « Rose », « Orange », « Blue », confirms it. The 26-year-old artist appears there, each time in an opaque smoke, reminding us of the cloud inspiration of his music. « I feel more at ease doing music in the dark because not seeing anything gives me the feeling of being one with my creation, » he explains before to specify « Smoke is an element that covers my face and therefore refers to this sensation ».

      Originally from the Parisian suburbs, Luni has been active for a few years now. Between his first part of Disiz at the Elysée Montmartre or his featurings with 3010 or Tortoz, he is far from being a newcomer despite his young age. His new project « KARĀ », which means « in colors » in Japanese, should see the light of day in early 2019. This new EP, more open, confirms the talent of Luni who closes his series in apotheosis. The first single from the upcoming EP, « Time to Lose », mixes different emotions reminiscent of the atmosphere of late summer, mixing softness and dynamism. Concocted Luni way, this title will brighten the autumn evenings, acidulant the whole of a zest of dance. On the occasion of the release of the music video « Temps à Perdre », we unveil it exclusively below. In the meantime, discover Angela’s exchange with the young artist.

      KODD MAGAZINE: Tell me about yourself and your journey.

      LUNI: Luni, 26, artist, singer, songwriter and sometimes director. I have been writing since I was 11, I started to register sound at 15 and I was really found myself at 22/23 years old. I chained the experiments, and here I am.

      KM: What are your musical influences?

      L: I’m inspired by everything from music to movies to relationships. But the artists who made me want to make music and continue to motivate me are: Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Method Man, 50 cent, Busta Rhymes, Shurik’n, Disiz and more recently 6lack, Drake, Majid Jordan, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Skepta, Kanye West, Travis Scott, the list goes on …

      KM: How was your single « Temps À Perdre » born?

      L: Initially, it should not be the single. I had chosen another piece. And we were inspired by the mood of the singles and the music of Mura Masa. « Temps à Perdre » is a prod that BlackDoe stored in his hard drive to no avail. When he made me listen to the prod, it was called « Karaba » and I told him specifically that the prod was made to be a single.
      I did not really see myself on it, for me it was more the single type that would ring well with an artist such as Dadju or others. In the end I wanted to try out of pure curiosity and it became « Temps à Perdre ».

      KM: Listening to the sound « Temps à perdre », a musical identity and emotion mingle: end of summer vibe, sweetness and a zest of dance. How did you mix so many genres while creating a balance?

      L: Indeed, when I recorded « Temps à Perdre » it was the beginning of summer. I had recorded it so that it would come out during the summer. And as I had announced on my Instagram (@yoluni), I was already trying to make sounds that make you want to move.
      People often associate my music with something melancholy, I wanted to prove that this is not always the case. But it was also a time when I was very frustrated, my goals took a long time to be realized and, I had never taken so much patience. So, I associated with what I know how to do better, the relationship. We say that we never really lose our time because we gain the experience. But time is the time. Time is money and beyond that, it seems to me more than important.

      KM: Besides, what story is hidden behind the clip « Temps à perdre »?

      L: Regarding the clip, the message we want to convey is that time is something precious. We must also pass it to his family and people we love. After there are several small ideas and anecdotes.
      Like the moment that I « walk », I wanted to wink at the way of ASOS models walk, lol. After the idea it is also that each one defines in its way the state of mind of the clip.

      KM: What’s next ?

      L: The next step, other music videos, other shoots, the promo, the release of the EP, still music videos, (with a little luck) a tour, and so on.

      KM: Any last word ?

      L: Stay humble, be yourself. Stay determined. Be happy and funny. And come follow me on my networks, especially on instagram. I need at least 10k to make swipes. Xo.

      Get used to Luni, he already stands out as one of the hopes of the Hip-Hop/R&B stage!


      Interview by Angela Anz
      Lire la version française

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