La Féline comes back with Séparés French Artist

      After « Senga » and the « Royaume », La Féline reveals « Separated » (If we were ever), a key title of its new album « Triumphs ».

      A sequence shot is fixing a song that goes straight to the heart, and « Seperated » (if we were ever) does not need much. Here is a tube poignant and immediate as only maybe the singer and the guitarist Agnès Gayraud know how to make it today. The clip was shot by the collective As Human Pattern (Birds Storm, Mondkopf). Direct and mysterious, it is an ideal front door in the new luxuriant album, atypical and pop at the same time.

      We are done with the intimate new wave of « Adieu l’enfance », she is making room for a warmer and wider sound. With the shamanic drum of Frank Garcia, Yoann Durant’s saxophone, Michael Scmid’s octobass and flute, and of course Agnes’s voice, we feel strangely initiated, like if each song would be hiding a secret. It is definitely the case of « Séparés », La Féline’s new music video.

      Behind this ambiguous title, where our look is being challenged, the atmosphere is deep and sensual, the colors are warm, and the grooves sinuous. We can guess between the lines a cinematographic imagination, with the manga universe, or ancient myths. In La Féline’s Eyes, the world is paint with phantasmagoric colors. Here, the candor is intense. Here, the brutality is soft. You can find below « Séparés », La Féline’s new video clip.

      Lire la version française
      Margot Viel

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