Idol, the most groovy hotel in the capital Parisian Hotel

      Located in Edimbourg Street, close to the department stores district, a bow thrown from the Opéra Garnier, The Idol hotel, the most groovy hotel in the capital give an homage to a historically music-loving neighborhood. This street is home to the Paris Conservatoire and the National Conservatory was been there for a long time.

      As a result, luthiers are legion in the street and throughout the neighborhood, manufacturers of guitars, double basses and violins. A commemorative plaque even reminds us that here lived Adolphe Boschot, famous music critic and immense specialist of Berlioz. In the « musical » lobby, overlooking the piles of vinyls, the collection of sculptural suspensions « Clark », signed by the publisher DelightFull, brass dipped in a bath of gold, diverts the trumpet, the trombone and the organ of their purely musical function and announce the musical note that will be played in the hotel. In the small salon, in high point, a luminous neon carved by the artist Julie Gauthron and titled « The Sound of the Trumpet ».


       A photocall wall even allows you to take a picture on a vinyl cover (do not forget to choose one of the wigs) and post it on Facebook or Instagram, to parody Austin Powers: « groovy baby! ». It is also in this warm and vintage space – jazz club atmosphere – that a delicious sweet and savory breakfast is served from 7:30 to 11am every day to the hosts but also to those coming from outside. The establishment also has a small patio planted with honeysuckle and jasmine that allows you to have breakfast outside or enjoy a moment of relaxation in the heart of Paris. Far from the ambient neo-brutal minimalism, the hotel assumes the glitter wallpaper, the furniture in pop-colored corian (red, green, orange) ball lamps (wink at Studio 54, Disco’s temple in 70’s), and all the telescoping of uninhibited colors: blue duck-gold, fuchsia-olive green, yellow-red …

      The decoration of Julie Gauthron is melodious. The one with the charm of these colorful pickups that we would have found on a Sunday morning. Lets the party start in this four-star Parisian hotel !

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