How to Upgrade Your Health and Beauty By Brigitte Evans

      With our hectic days and busy schedules, it is easy to neglect our wellness and go down the road of unhealthy habits. Our health is one thing we can’t do without, so maintaining it is crucial if you want to live a happy, fulfilling life. There are several things you can do to upgrade your health and update your beauty routine – read on to learn what they are.

      Wear light makeup and implement no makeup days

      Our makeup should be coordinated with the season of the year. In winter, it is common to wear heavy creams and chapsticks that will protect our skin from cold and harsh weather conditions, whereas summer is the time when we should swap those products for something lighter, which will allow our skin to breathe. Light, tinted moisturizers are a way to go if you want your skin to be hydrated and appear as if you have your foundation on. Face oils have a similar effect as tinted moisturizers if you add several drops of foundation to them, and contrary to the popular beliefs, they work wonders for your skin, making it look glowy, healthy and firm. However, as much as you love your makeup, be sure to skip on it from time to time to give your skin a break. There are many celebrities who adopted the trend themselves, including models like Cindy Crawford and Adriana Lima. 

      Make a conscious effort to adopt a healthy diet

      If you truly want to embrace your natural beauty and make everyday a no makeup day, you’ll have to reconsider your habits and choices. What we eat shows on our skin, and that is why we need to pay close attention to our food choices. Fresh fruits and veggies are great partners in combatting various health problems while opting for ready made meals means you will always have healthy food at hand when you get hungry, and will successfully avoid falling into the traps of fast food shops. By following a healthy diet, you won’t need to clog your skin with creams and makeup that only imitate a healthy glow. Healthy people are happy people, which means that you will instantly become more attractive once you get fit and in shape. 

      Up your skincare game 

      As we said in the previous tip, wearing light or no makeup is recommended if you want to obtain a healthy-looking skin and give it a break from makeup. Once you ditch your makeup, you need to find quality skincare products that will help your skin look clean and fresh. There are many natural products that can help you achieve a healthy glow – toners, cleansers, and face masks are all great companions in maintaining a great-looking skin without covering it with heavy makeup. You can also make your own natural skincare products at home, using ingredients you can find in your kitchen. 

      Create morning and evening routines

      Even though sticking to your schedule throughout the day might be tough, your day should always start and end in the same way. It’s best to start your day as early as possible – getting up at 5:30 every day may seem impossible to some, but there are many benefits that come with it. Mornings are also the quietest and most peaceful part of the day, and waking up early will enable you to enjoy the silence and start your day right. As for the evenings, make sure to avoid heavy, hearty meals. Instead, opt for a light salad with a glass of yogurt, and complete the day by going for a short walk that will help you sleep better.

      Make sure you get a proper workout several times a week

      Although eating healthy and waking up early will help you acquire a healthier lifestyle, there’s still one component missing, and that is exercising. Following a healthy diet will without a doubt help you lose those extra pounds, but exercising is crucial to get a toned, fit body. It would be great if you would go to the gym every couple of days, but if your busy schedule doesn’t allow for regular trips to the gym, you can always exercise at home. Morning is the best time for exercising, so be sure to do some light stretching and yoga when you get up. Light jogging and walking every day are ideal for maintaining an optimal weight, so make sure to take a short walk after every meal to improve digestion and help your body burn calories in a faster and more efficient way.  

      Modifying our lifestyle and rethinking our habits are two necessary steps for creating a happy and fulfilling life. Use our tips as a guide for making proper lifestyle choices that will propel you towards a better, healthier version of yourself.

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