Grand Yellow presents, On My Way French band

      It was on June 16th of this year that the first EP « On my way » of the French band Grand Yellow was released, an EP along with its music video that you can discover by clicking the start icon below.

      Interlacings powdered with the song lines, wild sweetness of the electro palpitations, the pop music inhabited by BIG YELLOW is a warmly edible crystal. Prestigious silhouettes are already studying the first « On my way » EP of the duet, such as: Aymeric Westrich, drummer of AUFGANG and AKATRE three image alchemists who are more than contemporary (Aaron, Benjamin Clementine, Lilly Wood & The Prick).

      GRAND YELLOW, the two inhabitants of Nantes shape the reflections since 2012: during this year, Nicolas Berrivin, craftsman of the sound, author composer and multi-instrumentalist meets the musician Clémence Pied during the Swimming Pool musical residence. Five years later, the harm has been done. Synthesizers were soaked in the azure, golden thicknesses of the singing and perfect geometries of the tempo, the EP « On My Way » promises to be a formidable preamble to the melancholy that’s coming. In the heyday too.

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      Léna SOUBEYRAN

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