First-Date Outfit Ideas That Exude Confidence To Try Absolutely

      Being single is hard, and if you’re recently back to the dating arena, it’s even harder. Every now and then you’re facing this big decision, the one which has the power to determine your entire love life and your future – a decision what to wear on your first date. With so many “ifs” caused by growing anticipation and all those butterflies in your stomach, making such a decision can be exhausting. Will you sweep them off their feet with a little black dress? Or play the girl next door role, and wow them by dressing modestly, but still looking sexy?

      This scene repeats no matter how many first dates you’ve had before. Still, when it comes to your clothes, what you wear does matter, but not as much as how confident you feel in what you’re wearing. Clothes you wear actually change the way you perform, so make sure your outfit brings your performance up to your desired level.

      We’ve created a list of few great outfit ideas for different sorts of dates, which you can wear with confidence.

      Going Out For a Drink

      A drink date is a great chance for you to get to know each other, but you’ll find it more enjoyable if you’re already comfortable around the person, and feel as if you can trust him. If you’ve already agreed upon your venue, you can dress accordingly – a pair of comfy jeans and a casual top, paired with cute sandals or sneakers if you’re heading to a pub, and a casual dress if you’ll be having your drinks in a fancy bar. Just be aware of the Beer Goggles and the effect too many drinks can have on the attractiveness level.

      A Coffee Date

      There is no such thing as a perfect date, but a coffee date comes pretty close – you can call it quits after an hour, or extend it and move to a more private place if you hit it off. It’s a great option if you’re meeting a guy from a dating app and you are not certain how things will turn out, as coffee shops are usually crowded and you can easily leave whenever you want to. As for the outfit, you can be your casual self, but a bit more on the formal side. Grab a pair of your favorite jeans and dress them up with a pair of heels or sandals, and a stylish blouse. With discreet make-up and a light piece of jewelry, you will look stunning.

      Going Out For a Diner


      As this type of date can go on for hours, it’s a first date option with someone you already know and are attracted to. You can, of course, take your chances and dine with someone who you’ve just met, or you’ve only met online, but the chances are it might not be as comfortable. The choice of your clothes will depend on your restaurant choice, but you should definitely dress up at least a little bit. It is always good to have a few designer fashion pieces as a part of your capsule wardrobe – a fancy blouse which you can combine with your versatile dressy pants can do wonders for your look, especially when combined with a nice piece of jewelry. This is a perfect occasion for your favorite dress too, so if this is the type of clothes you prefer, go for it.

      (After) the Work Date


      Sometimes the first date will be hard to fit into your weekly schedule. Oddly enough, the only possible solution left is to arrange your rendezvous during your lunch hour or make it an after-work coffee. Still, this doesn’t have to cause too much trouble when it comes to choosing your attire, as there are ways to make your formal clothes have a more casual vibe. You can opt for a shirtdress, which is always a perfect solution for a day at work, and choose a pair of bright, eye-catching shoes to spice things up a bit.

      Going For A Walk

      If you and your date are more active types, going for a hike or a long walk in a park nearby might just be the right way to get to know someone. It’s also a great solution for those who feel nervous sitting next to the person they don’t actually know, and talking to them. This is a chance for you to dress comfortably and rock one of those maxi skirts or dresses you have in your wardrobe. As you’ll be doing some walking, sneakers are your most obvious choice, but you can choose a pair of flats too. If it’s a bit colder outside, have a denim jacket to keep you warm, and opt for some fancy boots instead of flats.

      Remember that the most important thing when choosing your first date outfit is being true to yourself and how confident you feel with yourself in what you’re wearing.

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