First Broken Back’s album By Jérome Fagnet

      From the trajectory of Broken Back alias Jérôme Fagnet one could draw a script written in the way of a boxing film!



      The story of a young man who is destined primarily for entrepreneurship but whose back is loose and which, during a prolonged convalescence, composes a first illuminated EP: DEAR MISFORTUNE MOTHER OF JOY (2015). One year after having troubled the counters, the Breton offers today a first album radiant eponymous.



      Worn by the tubes « HAPPIEST MAN ON EARTH » and « HALCYON BIRDS » Broken Back offers its deep-pop paintings flaming carried by a voice as it exists only one generation. Folk and dynamic protrusions house, artisan charm and efficiency 2.0: a large disc, composed in saint-malo alone, which says space and sun, the immensity of the panoramas and the ephemeral ..


      World tour: Paris the  7th  of january 2017 at l’Élysée Montmartre

      « I play music to tell stories »-  Broken Back

      Marine Cheniti

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