Ethnic fashion by Namacheko Made in Belgium

      During the Namacheko‘s press presentation in the Paris fashion week, we got to speak with the designer about his inspirations and goals.

      KODD MAGAZINE : Can you tell me more about you and Namacheko

      Namacheko : I’ve been raised in Sweden. I came to Sweden when I was 8 years old. It’s from the reality down there. It’s not about the way they dress but more a representation of their dreams.

      KM : You are starting with Paris fashion week, can you tell us more ? 

      N : This is our first collection, it is produced in Belgium, so we work a lot there. We will be present in Paris every seasons. I don’t wanna be anywhere else. We don’t have natural background in fashion, we haven’t been in school or anything like that. So we need projection. I condensed this collection because I didn’t want it to be too much so we can handle it. There will definitely be a fashion show in the future.

      KM : Do you have any futur projects ? May be a shop in Paris ?

      N : I  don’t really want to open a shop in Paris. We are only presenting our collections here for the moment.

      KM : Can you describe your universe and Namacheko style ?      

      N : It is only menswear but women can wear it too. It actually looks good on women. It is minimalistic in a way but every piece has a certain meaning, like every dream they have. There is a lot of red, black and green because the collection is inspired by the ethnicity, the ethnic groups that are in my home city. They are all from the city but they don’t really get along together, even if they speak each other language. Just like the fact that colors match with each others, but they are very strong in themselves in the same time.

      KM : What fabrics do you use ?

      N : This is Seal fur, I did it as a collaboration with Copenhagen fur. This is naturally hunted. It is not farm animal. They also eat the meat and do clothing for themselves as well. Seal fur is from Groenland. I also use fabrics like Scottish wool and Italian cashmere.

      KM : What are your fashion influences ?

      N : Some of the shapes are inspired by bulletproof vests from 1910. Those clothes were made in Copenhagen by our fur artisans. Some other pieces are inspired by the book 1984, or bird feathers. A few looks are inspired by the moment before a butterfly becomes a butterfly, the cocon. There is also in my collection traditional women jewelry, that is very old school, inspired by bullets. Men have the bullet cases.

      I draw the collection with my sister. We are both student in civil engineering, we have that as a background so we tried to put it in the middle of the architecture of our collection. Which is very much inspired by Gaudi, the Spanish architect.

      KM : What about the future ?

      N : The collection should be in stores in August. We are only presenting our collection here in Paris. We’ve been having a showroom for 4 days, so buyers can go through the collection and choose what they want.

      Interview by Wendy Marèbe
      Translation Margot Viel
      Lire la version française

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