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      New hype or real solution ? This is the question many people ask themselves about the electric scooter, this machine that is easy to use but dangerous when it is in the hands of the wrong people.

      Electric scooters can be found in all the world’s major capitals: from Paris to London, New York and Ottawa in particular. They are ultra effective, very trendy and of course eco-friendly, but unfortunately, super dangerous in case of negligence. Nevertheless, let us take into account the two most important elements of this object: ecology and efficiency.

      By choosing to equip yourself with an electric scooter for some, or even all of your daily journeys, you are one of those who participate on a small scale in reducing pollution. Take your wish on the Voltek.co website to find your happiness! Design, practicality, lightness, power, are the four key words of Voltek™. Their main mission: to develop a range of electric scooters for all tastes, according to your lifestyle and needs.

      Whether you used to use a scooter when you were younger or not, it’s not a problem. The purchase of your scooter does not require any special regulations, unlike a car or motorcycle. Although the scooter market is becoming more and more competitive with the self-service boom, keep in mind that a personal scooter is still by far the best solution for your travels. With more and more new models and formats, constant innovation, the electric scooter continues to seduce the youngest as well as the oldest.

      A few years ago, using a scooter was only for the youngest. Today this is no longer the case! Many adults now use this trendy object on a daily basis to travel around the city. Every opportunity is good to get out on the road: to go to work, in addition to your car, motorcycle, public transport or simply to take a walk. To simplify your travels, choose this mobility with caution! We invite you to discover the subject in depth to read more here.

      The electric scooter is cool, it’s trendy, but be aware that following a high number of accidents, sometimes dramatic, they have entered the highway code and must comply with stricter rules. Authorized lanes, parking, mandatory equipment… are all these elements to be taken into account since the end of this year 2019. Called EPDM « motorized personal transport equipment » (electric scooters, hoverboards, gyroroues… etc.), they now have rules of use in Paris.

      In particular, there is the speed to be respected, which is a maximum of 25 km/h, such as that set for electric bicycles. In case of non-compliance, you risk a fine of up to €1500 (Caution!). As for traffic, forget the sidewalks! This is strictly prohibited and results in a fine of €135. Traffic is restricted to bicycle paths and roads below 50 km/h. On the equipment side, there are the front and rear lights, a horn and a retro-reflector (a retro-reflective system) required. Safety tips: Wearing a helmet, a reflective vest (at night or when visibility is poor) and the use of gloves is recommended.

      Finally, the driver’s age is at least 12 years, under penalty of a fine of €35. There are other information that many may find absurd: headphones are to be banned (totally prohibited), taking one or more passengers is punishable by a fine of €135. As for parking, this is done exclusively on spaces dedicated to the paid parking of motor vehicles and the parking of two motorized wheels. You should also know that the city of Paris is building 15,000 spaces dedicated to parking scooters for free (a little patience…). Forget sidewalks, subway stops, station entrances/exits or any other absurd places.

      To conclude, the purchase of your scooter must be safe. Buying a quality machine will allow you to travel safely while respecting other users. Fall in love now!

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