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      #Koddmusic introduces you to Dilomé’s interview following the success of his song « Fais de moi ».

      #Koddmusic : Who is Dilomé? How do you identify yourself today?

      DILOMÉ : I am a simple person who loves nature and the singing of cicadas rather than the pollution and stress of people in big cities. I am 25 years old, my days are punctuated by my passion for music and the love of my loved ones. In 3 years I have worked a lot in the studio to find myself musically because I am eclectic and I like a lot of things so it was difficult to choose which style would suit me best.

      #Koddmusic : On an overview, what can you tell us about your career so far?

      DILOMÉ : I could compare my course to cross-country running. I learned that time was my best ally and that you should never give up and that it is only work that counts. I remain aware that I was very lucky and that I had some great encounters that helped me cross the finish line, first with the release of my first tracks and then later on with an album.

      #Koddmusic : What inspires you to create?

      DILOMÉ : What inspires me are the different stages in the life of a 25-year-old young man (everything I have been able to experience until now) who has made me what I am today. No more, no less, I’m not talking about what I don’t know.

      #Koddmusic : Can you tell us about your first time on stage?

      DILOMÉ : The first real stage I was able to do was that of The Voice’s set with my cover of Alain Bashung’s « madame rêve ». It was a crazy experience. Once finished, I didn’t sleep a wink all night because I was going through that moment in my head again. I felt at that moment that my life was taking a turn.

      #Koddmusic : Is there a song, a particular artist that made you want to start?

      DILOMÉ : That’s a far too difficult question!  If I really had to choose one, it would probably be any Lauryn Hill title that inspired me a lot with her film Sister Act and also with her group Les Fugees. I remember watching my TV dreaming of joining this school with them.

      #Koddmusic : With which artist(s) would you like to collaborate?

      DILOMÉ : With so many people on the international scene, I can already mention Sam Smith whose career path I admire, or Rihanna who is obviously an icon of pop. The French music scene is also very rich, I love Chilla, for example, a real nugget it feels good to see female rap! I also love Yseult’s voice, Indila’s songs or Dj Snake’s talent which can make me dance on all his songs.

      #Koddmusic : What gives you the most adrenaline: singing on stage or singing on a stage ?

      DILOMÉ : You know when it comes to singing, I get adrenaline going up, whether it’s on stage or on a set, no difference to me!

      #Koddmusic : How does so much stream on TikTok, on such short time affects you today ?

      DILOMÉ : It’s true that it was a huge surprise, I didn’t expect it at all, the Tik Tok app has played a big part in my story and I thank this whole community.  It fills me with joy to know that my music is understood and appreciated by people I don’t even know, I gain a little more self-confidence thanks to it.

      #Koddmusic : Any exclusive information on what’s next?

      DILOMÉ : I’m telling you, I accepted yesterday a nice proposal and I’m going to be able to perform on stage in Paris in a very nice venue soon.  I also leave at the end of the month to shoot my second video clip of a track called « Sors moi de là ».  You know everything but keep it to yourself!

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