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      The apparition of internet have been a big revolution, as human as industrial. This technological advance have token a big place in many business segments. Our way of consuming, in the largest meaning that is, have been completely shake up. Change hasn’t been done just for consumers but also for the companies. With digital, new jobs have appeared. In fact, adjusting to his new era, companies needed people with new qualifications.

      Professions are changing and developing so fast that it is becoming difficult to list them all. Some are still to imagine, other are in development.

      Among the jobs born with the digitalisation, we can name Blogger and Youtuber. In fact, we have been observing since many years with those influencers a significant power takeoverer on the Industry. They are posting articles in collaboration with big brands and manage, after a few years to earn money and live on that remuneration. It is the case of young woman like Kristina Bazan, Negin Mirsalehi or Camille Charrière. Regarding men, we can name Cyprien, Norman or Tyler Oackley. They became key actors across all industries. Digital is allowing this immediate relation, making the access to the information more easy.

      Those are the two more popular jobs that appeared with the expansion of digital. They could’t have existed ten years ago.

      They are many other jobs that exist but they are less known from a majority of people. They are still very wanted by companies. It is possible to be Web Master, Web designer, Community manager, the person will be in charge to animate and federate communities on the internet, for brands or companies. A wed editor will be able to practice full-time. This is a non-exhaustive list and you will find every other jobs related to digital on the net !

      Working in the digital require some specific skills. First of all, you must have analytical capability in order to propose something that hasn’t been done before. Technical mastery is also very important. For exemple, when you are a Youtuber you have to think about everything to film a video. From lights, to sound, to post-production, a youtube must be multi-skilled. Being original is necessary. Otherwise, the viewer will pass his way and go find something he or she never read, or don’t know about.

      Today, it is obvious that the digital is the conductor of this revolution. And to undertake this change, new jobs have made their way to help and upgrade companies. Nothing can escape the global digitalisation, and change is accelerating.

      Margot VIEL

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