Boontheshop x Le Bon Marché Korean Brand

      Boontheshop, the avant-garde Korean retailer took advantage of the frenzy of Paris Fashion Week to settle for a month within the Bon Marché in a space of about ten square meters. Known for its ability to blend contemporary art aesthetics and minimalism, the brand presents its autumn-winter 2018-19 collection.

      During the launch, the ephemeral space invited VIPs and journalists to discover the Boontheshop universe. The figures of the trendy Parisian youth, such as Jeanne Damas, Monica de La Villardière and Leia Sfez, came to immerse themselves in the DNA of the luxurious Korean brand while being rocked by an acoustic performance by Raphaëlle Lannadère.

      This event marks the beginning of a lasting relationship between the Korean brand and the Bon Marché. Boontheshop is indeed already present on the digital platform of the Parisian concept store; 24 Sévres and will settle permanently in the most chic shops on the left bank of Paris from November.

      You can still enjoy it until October 30th !

      Lire la version française

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