Make This Right, new Albert Fallen’s music video French artists

      They started in 2011, Albert Fallen is evolving in a minimalist and haunting universe, made of deep-house and techno sounds.

      After released a first EP Time / Why I’m There on the Te Iubesc Records label in 2015, Albert Fallen reveal today Make This Right, the first single of Impressions, a new maxi composed of 4 original tracks, whose pop atmosphere is coexisting with synthesiser notes that keep surprising you.This is coming after three years of a long quest and experimentations. This project is different by its plain production, and its melancholic and dancing textures. Synthe notes, haunting riffs, and electronic beats are mixing to give spacey sensations and melodies that remind us new wave.

      Make This Right takes place in paris surroundings and have been shoot by WNDB, a parisian collective. Two gris seem to having fun in a parc. The freedom sensation is always here, though the two protagonists alternate innocent games, and provocative acts. Over the clip, a darker reality is making its way. The frame is freezing. Time is being suspended. Doubt is settling. And we get to find one of the girls alone. Was she since the beginning ? Was it a dream, a hallucination ? For each of us remain the fact to put the end we want to this ambiguous relationship.

      Find below Albert Fallen’s new music video !

      Lire la version française

      Margot Viel

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