Bon Parfumeurs Paris Made in France

      It took two years of meetings and exchanges to lead to the accomplishment of this adventure. Create Bon Parfumeurs required to break some rules and to defeat established codes.

      The stated purpose: to offer a range of perfumes elaborated freely by passionate creators, in order to decompartmentalize the world of perfumery, combining quality, pleasure and relaxation. An ambition guided solely by the desire to offer to all smart fragrances, of ultimate quality. Entering the Universe Good Parfumeur is opening the doors of an olfactory freedom without limit.

      Its founder, Ludovic Bonneton, dreamed of collections gathering all the olfactory families. Fragrances allow everyone to reinvent themselves on a daily basis. In practical bottles, purified, beautiful and simple at the same time.

      Find the Maison Française of parfumery for those who like to change!

      Marine Cheniti

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