Art and Flavors in the Jules & Jim hotel’s bar French Bar

      During November, the hôtel Jules & Jim will offer a ticket to the Centre Pompidou for the amateurs of the cocktail “Art Yourself”, within the limits of 200 offered tickets.

      Among the proposals of cocktails of the Jules & Jim hotel’s bar, the Art yourself is the best for amateurs. Art yourself gives free rein to your desire among seasonal produce and favorite alcohol (or without), letting Régis Célabe, head barman of the hotel, the care of imagine a unique and personal creation.

      The Jules & Jim hotel, it is also the art, the one who expresses himself in the course of the photographic exhibitions organized for 5 years with the complicity of the most beautiful galleries of Paris. Nowadays, the photographer Francesca Picqueras with the complicity of the Gallery of Europe.

      Discover new flavors by the fire which crackles in the court of the Jules et Jim’s hotel during all winter and visit the exhibition which corresponds you in the Centre Pompidou.

      Victoire BEYENS

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