Young people and luxury Chronicle

      Today luxury is more and more present, and particularly for youths, who wasn’t concerned before. The high fashion houses have well-identified the new target : the young people. Now it’s easy to buy an iPhone case signed by Balmain or Louis Vuitton for only a few hundred euros, or to find a pair of snickers from famous brands known for high fashion. So, is the luxury becoming accessible?

      We can see the popularity of fashion bloggers for the brand that we can find at the front row at fashion shows, during the fashion week. Some years ago, only people from a well-to-do background could buy luxury products or be associated to a famous brand. But all of it have changed and the ratio between youth and luxury is different.

      Luxury and youth have become closer since many years specially to accessories which have permitted having a luxury product for a few hundred euros. With a large accessories line and lower prices than clothes, brands have touched a younger and new target. New products, like snickers have been created by luxury brands. They are essential shoes for the young people, and also for older people, and the are the proof that luxury brands are becoming more accessible.

      And what about counterfeiting ? They still remain, but they are more and more realistic, it’s more complicated to differentiate real and fake. Have luxury article is becoming more and more important for young people nowadays. Even it’s a scarf or a purse, it’s still a luxury product. Young people are now more interesting for luxury and fashion, also thanks to their muses who are younger than before and always in vogue.

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