The perfumes of colors, between olfactotherapy resonance and emotional therapies French Brand

      Men have always been fascinated by the colors they observed in nature, on animals, in the sky and wanted to wear them on their clothes or jewelry to fully appreciate them and benefit from their benefits.

      In all eras and in all civilizations there are also perfumes in various forms, proof that the smells are also beneficial and not only pleasant to smell! Colors and smells were made to get along, for the better, and for our well-being! Harmonious alliance of chromatotherapy and aromatherapy, the perfumes of colors is a new way of approaching well-being through olfactotherapy.

      Indeed, we know that the smell sense is excellence way to access to the emotional and the unconscious. This is how Perfumes of Colors were created, natural perfumes composed of alcohol, a synergy of targeted essential oils and a color. It should be emphasized here that these are not perfumes which would have been colored, but colored waters which have received, by a vibratory process, the wavelength of a color. To do this, each of the color-frequencies has been reconstituted with the help of the vibration of 100% organic essential oils used in the range, in the form of unique synergies studied for this purpose.

      Each perfume therefore carries, in addition to the olfactory dimension, a vibratory and energetic dimension that will find resonance in us at different levels depending on the color used. Discover the 13 very delicate fragrances, with natural perfume and 100% organic now!

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