The Influencer Kit Chronicle

      First, who are the influencers? Bloggers, Youtubers and all who have a Facebook page or a Twitter account influent with a large community. Since some times, Internet have seen the birth of many account on social media which sometimes become influent. The influencer is becoming important when he collaborates with various brands and can even becoming their ambassador !

      Currently, being a blogger or a Youtuber is a real job, and it is envying by a lot. So today, for you, KODD reveal what you need for being the perfect influencer!

      First, a big smile! Who want to follow someone sad ? Nobody. You must, even when critics hits you, keep the smile and always give a good impression to your spectators or readers.

      A camera. Essential for a youtuber, a bonus for a blogger. The camera will allow you to film your videos and also to vlog (that is filming your life) in order to share your amazing summer holidays in Los Angeles or your visits of a famous brand’s showrooms.

      A really good computer! It’s on it that you will spend most of your time on write your posts or edit your videos. Thanks to it you will make the most beautiful video montage and edit more easily your articles. So you need to appreciate spending hours and hours on your beautiful computer screen !

      Be connected ! You have to know Facebook as your pocket and all tips of Instagram! Because the influencer is EVERYWHERE, every subscriber, like or retweet is important so you need to be on every social media. You must be smart to attract more subscribers to extend your community. Come on, soon Twitter and Youtube will not have any secrets for you!

      Time.. You will have to take a lot of time to post all your photos, retouch your videos or write your articles ! Even when we see your blog or your Youtube channel we can think your are in holidays everyday, the reality is really different! Being an influencer is a real job and you must need a lot of time for that, so now you know what you need, let’s go!

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