Sport at the heart of trends From sports bra to sneakers

      Being fit has never been so trendy and accessible to everyone. More than ever, sport is nowadays an art and a philosophy of life because it is now possible to combine it with pleasure. It must be said that everything is done to move our buttocks: this new lifestyle is changing from sports bra to sneakers.

      The gyms are multiplying, all offering different concepts. With bars, art galleries and even clubs, cinemas are now looking for a real experience. Among the most promising concepts are White, the 3000-square-meter club with six levels of high-tech sports space, a king-size granite pool, a restaurant run by Jean Imbert and a cinema. Located in a mansion listed as a Historic Monument in Pigalle, it is a real place of life in which you want to spend time.

      At 1Rebel in London, the sport has never been practiced with so much class. Located in the basement, the entrance to the studio is signaled by a vintage light panel, and cardio sessions are led by a DJ who mixes for you live. Also in London, Blok offers an organic canteen and an art gallery for its customers in great shape! Almost all clubs offer us nice and appreciable concepts, between Afrovibe, Bachata, Body Jam, Aqua Crunch, Crossfit, Bootcamp, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba… we do not know where to turn. But one thing is certain that there is something for everyone !

      Fashion continues to impose itself in the middle. Sports brands are born around a sports specialty, a technicality at the service of performance. The huge evolution of the sport has allowed these brands to expand to become multi-sports and multinationals. They found the perfect technique to sell their sportswear through celebrities, influencers, inspiring us on a daily basis (Rihanna for Puma, Ariana Grande for Reebok or Kylian Mbappé at Nike). This then pushes the consumer to buy immediately. Activewear is setting itself up as the new standard of the everyday: sneakers, jacket, parka, t-shirt, glasses, short skirt and trousers, are inspired more and more sports lines in the cut and technicality fabrics.

      Sports brands have also taken the trend to appeal to creators for capsule collections or collaborations that make us clearly eye. We do not know where to head between the brands that we have always known and the new brands that are setting up at a crazy speed. The trend is not about to go out, even the actors, the singers reconvert themselves into designer and create their brands : The American actress Kate Hudson created in July 2013 Fabletics, her brand of women’s sportswear with the help of her associates Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The system is simple, just subscribe to receive every month models of leggings, unreleased bras that you will not find elsewhere; the motto at Fabletics is originality. Even the young star of Instagram Jordyn Wood, known for claiming its forms launches in 2018 its mark SECNDNTURE which aims to attract a greater number of women because it proposes different large models.

      Beyoncé, queen of pop and now queen of sportswear? The singer launches in 2016 Ivy Park. Success is immediate! The products are varied and prices are between 25 and 180 euros. The sportswear business is huge, the proof with Yeezy the mark of Kanye West that boosts the sales of the Adidas brand the time of a collaboration. The price of a pair of sneakers from the collection is on average 175 euros and can be resold over 1000 euros on eBay.

      The sport has taken the road, the work, the TV sets and concert scenes, so the haute couture brands have gotten there too! We remember in 2016 when Olivier Rousteing, the artistic director of the house Balmain, released a capsule collection with NikeLab. This collection has been composed of shorts, t-shirts and jackets in a style very football luxury black and gold. Of course, this kind of collaboration has a price! The giant Nike is not at his first collaboration, from Givenchy to Off-White. It is certain that sport and the world around it still have a bright future ahead of it !

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