Olfactive Memories, the blog that smells good French E-shop

      The perfume is the recipient of a memory and a collective culture. That’s what Olfactive Memories refers to, Parfumdo‘s perfume blog, launches a poetic and evocative name. Parfumdo is an online perfumery that offers brand perfumes at a cheap price, but also many luxury cosmetics and makeup products (Dior, Chanel, Giorgio Armani or Yves Saint Laurent).

      Parfumdo add his DNA inside his perfume blog Olfactive Memories, which is a real ode to beauty, but also an invitation to share. Each month, the blog gives us tips and tutorials (nails, smoky eyes, metallic makeup), tests different beauty products, and draws the portrait of a new blogger from the world of beauty and fashion (like Laetitia from Magic Beans and Happiness who has about 50.5K Instagram subscribers)… Small cocoon of beauty lovers, Olfactive Memories is a space that allows you to let it go.

      To read without moderation for all those who want escape and beauty tips ! Ladies don’t much longer to go check the blog !

      Lire la version française

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