L’Orchestre Parfum, the music of Perfume French Concept

      With L’Orchestre Parfum, music and perfume come together, deepening a unique chord, a source of emotion. Since 2017, L’Orchestre Parfum has brought together the greatest perfumers and exceptional musicians. For each of the six fragrances, a piece of music is created in the same momentum for a perfect osmosis.

      On the occasion of the launch of the Piano Santal fragrance, here is a golden opportunity to discover the brand L’Orchestre Parfum, born from a synesthetic approach featuring perfume and music. For the first time, music sublimates the most beautiful notes of perfumery. Since 2017, L’Orchestre Parfum has been creating unisex fragrances designed by hand by the greatest craftsmen and perfumers, before a renowned musician composes a piece, inspired by each fragrance. New notes, new chords, new harmonies: Darbouka Tea, Kora Leather, Asakusa Incense, Flamenco Neroli, Rose Trombone, and the latest Piano Santal are there to move our senses.

      Version Française

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