Julius Cowdrey fascinates audiences around the world British artist

      Julius Cowdrey is a British singer / songwriter. Julius discovered early his talent and love of music while singing in choirs and concerts before immersing himself in his passion. The new versions of Cowdrey reflect true moments of love and loss.

      Both singles man telling a difficult time in their lives express the feeling of being left behind by those whom you love and trust most. On the sound side, the songs contradict the theme of music and turn into positive and edifying hymns. The songwriter hopes that his music will remind others that when times are tough they are not on their owns.

      The single is the result of not wanting to write another song about a girl. Disguised as a story of heartache, the track avoids the music industry and sharks swimming in muddy waters. Sharing his time between London and Los Angeles, Cowdrey has performed in prestigious hall in the whole world. Julius Cowdrey continues to fascinate audiences around the world with ‘If it’s love, I must hate you’ and ‘Better Day’ currently available worldwide.

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