KissKissBankBank, a pioneer in participatory financing in France, was launched by Adrien Aumont, Ombline le Lasseur and Vincent Ricordeau in September 2009. Their ambition ? Enable everyone to finance their creative, associative or entrepreneurial projects. In 10 years, crowdfunding has become a real tool to unleash our creativity and regain power over our money. Crafts, Ecology, Fashion, Music, Film… On KissKissBankBank, more than 20,000 projects have been funded by a community of 1.6 million positive and committed citizens. Thus, through KissKissBankBank, Kodd’s role is to support and assist our favourite projects to achieve our objectives, by disseminating them to our community. Young creative talent has an important role in the economy. Thus, by focusing on emergence and participatory financing, Kodd is taking up the challenge of promoting this new economic model, which is complementary and alternative to bank financing or subsidies. Let’s be the future!

      KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding platform regulated by french authorities. License number: 14007218

      KissKissBankBank & Co is an agent of the financial institution MANGOPAY SA. Secure payments with MANGOPAY Payment Services

      The KissKissBankBank values

      We firmly believe that the peer-to-peer or individual-to-individual economy allows the emergence of new organizational modes within our society. This economy gives collective intelligence a leading role in the management of economic and social affairs: a more direct, more open, less hierarchical and less compartmentalized society. We affirm that crowdfunding allows us to regain power over our money, our creativity and therefore our individual and collective destiny.

      Each funded project generates a wave of optimism. The project leader sees his idea supported by a community that believes in him or her. It’s a very unique booster. This optimism is contagious because it is also shared by all those who have contributed to the project. We believe very strongly in these continuous waves of optimism as a remedy for the gloom that surrounds us. We also spread this optimism by developing financing solutions adapted to all types of projects: Lendopolis, so that individuals can invest directly in companies and Goodeed, to allow everyone to make donations for free, simply by viewing advertisements.

      We carefully analyze the projects proposed to us so that they never contradict our philosophy: projects that promote violence in all its forms, bigotry and racism are banned on our platforms. The money collected is never in the KissKissBankBank account. The amounts collected remain on the « digital account » of each project creator managed by our payment service provider. The amounts collected do not « work » on the financial markets for the benefit of KissKissBankBank during the collection period.


      Registration on KissKissBankBankBank is completely free of charge. KissKissBankBankBank is financed only by those who benefit most from it: project creators. Thus, we charge a 5% commission on the amount collected by successful projects. (+3% technical and electronic payment costs.)
      There are no fees for donations from contributors (KissBankers).
      All our creators clearly state their identity, contact details, purpose and specify how the money collected will be used.

      We never resell the personal data provided on KissKissBankBank by our community. Our community’s banking data is never stored on KissKissBankBank. They are encrypted, secure and stored by our payment service provider. KissKissBankBank complies with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDR). The processing of personal data and the rights offered to users are detailed in the privacy policy.
      KissKissBankBank & Co (KissKissBankBank, Lendopolis, Goodeed) also defends these values in its public space: Maison de Crowdfunding, 34, rue de Paradis in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Every week, we organize conferences, meetings, debates, exhibitions… on the themes that are close to our hearts: creativity, solidarity and entrepreneurship.

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      Since November 2016, KissKissBankBank has also welcomed you to its Crowdfunding House (34, rue de Paradis in the 10th arrondissement of Paris): a place for exchange, meetings, debates and exhibitions designed to unleash everyone’s creativity. By choosing Kodd as a KissKissBankBank Mentor, we will guide you towards the success of your campaign and the realization of your project. « The idea is to go for it! »

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