Ha Ra By Ha Ra Made in France

      HA RA is a brand combining diversity, modernity and authenticity. HA RA brings together the equipment of the house as well as the equipment of the person you will find necessarily your happiness!

      HA RA is founded by two sisters Hayati and Rahama who decided to come together and form together HA RA, a brand that wishes to offer you another experience of design, home and accessory through carefully selected subjects, Products, and the desire to share their vision of sharing, multiculturalism and modernism;

      Hayati (designer, co-founder) At the age of 25, Hayati is a young creative designer with a career that is as ambitious and asking for more and more. After a BTS design product and a year of applied arts upgrade, Hayati creates its eponymous brand and begins to write its history by participating in various events including Black Fashion Week 2014, and launches its first pop up store in 2015.

      Rahama (co-founder) At 26, Rahama was until then the right arm in the shadow of Hayati. Being present from the beginning, she fulfilled several tasks in the magnificent epic HAYATI CHAYEHOI.

      Enter into Harabyhara‘s world !

      Marine Cheniti

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