Dissident, Parler Français French Artists

      After a previous EP Family Affair, the 4 towers of Dissident come back with a new single: Speaking French, an absolutely summer and clubbing title ! With this music video, they transcribed a crazy night of drunkenness, pretense and seduction, in a club, with captivating images.

      This title with ragga/electro sounds tells a man evolution in a night environment where alcohol and appearances take precedence over essential things. Co-produced with Michael Declerck (Her) and mixed by Antoine PN, Parler Français was composed far from everything, which allowed the group to make a point on the city life, its protagonists, its places, its qualities and its demons.

      Discover the music video « Speak French » below, and find them at the Festival Printemps De Bourges on April 18, 2019.

      Lire la version française

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