CBD oil: the cannabis revival! Advice

      With the term cannabis, many people will immediately think of marijuana with its sweet smoke and the hovering delusions that are often described and stereotyped. If cannabis is used as a drug, this is somewhat true. But hemp and CBD cannabis have much more to offer than these effects…quite the contrary!

      Today, we have access to many CBD products, and CBD flowers of excellent quality. Websites such as JustBob.co.uk give you access to high quality online CBD products at very attractive prices.

      Origin of hemp

      Many CBD oils, such as JustBob CBD oil, are not composed of one, but of two components :

      1. Hemp seed oil from EU certified organic cultivation.
      2. Hemp extract, from which CBD is obtained (conventional cultivation).

      The organic cannabis seed oil is of course the main part of the product, but nevertheless the final product is not organically certified per se. The CBD oil should certainly come from organic hemp.

      At best, this should have been developed in Europe to ensure that there are no toxic substances in the plant.

      CBD Oil: Intake and Dosage

      CBD oil must not be swallowed. It is recommended to run the oil under the tongue and keep it for about one minute. Only then should it be swallowed.

      Of course, there is a reason for this. With this type of intake, some of the CBD can already be absorbed through the oral mucosa. It’s usually faster than the stomach.

      However, the oil does not have to be spit out again. However, CBD oil has a rather unpleasant taste. Many users find it very uncomfortable to keep the oil under their tongue for one minute. In this case, it is also possible to swallow the oil directly.

      The effect will only become apparent a little later. It is also not necessary to eat anything before taking it, the substance is easily digested even on an empty stomach.

      This even has a big advantage: on an empty stomach, the time between ingestion and the beginning of the effect of the CBD oil is not as long as on a full stomach.

      Therefore, it is advisable not to take the drops while eating. The best time is 30 minutes before or after a meal. In addition to taking it under the tongue, there are other ways to consume CBD oil:

      • In drinks and food

      Many users find the taste of CBD oil very unpleasant and prefer to eat it in a drink or other food. Of course, this is possible, but it prolongs the time until the desired effect occurs.

      • In capsules or pills

      If you can’t stand the taste of oil in a meal or drink, capsules or pills are the right choice. However, you must take into account that the effect will only occur later, as the capsule or pill must first be broken down.

      • E-cigarettes / sprays

      It is also possible to consume CBD with a vaporizer or with an e-cigarette. However, CBD oil is not suitable for steam. In this case, only special liquids invented for this purpose can be used.

      Under no circumstances simply fill the CBD oil into the e-cigarette. It is possible to consume CBD oil with an evaporator, but this is not recommended as residues may be deposited in the lungs.

      How many drops of CBD oil?

      If you wish to use CBD oil for illnesses or complaints, you must inform yourself exactly about the right dosage. The dosages are as varied as the diseases.

      In addition to the illness, the weight of the person must also be taken into account. It is therefore difficult to make general recommendations.

      In general, you should always start with a small dose, which can then be increased slowly.

      The following recommendations can be used as a guide for a small selection of complaints. However, it is not an exact dosage recommendation.

      • Nervousness, fear, tension and anxiety: CBD oil 2.5%, three drops three times daily.
      • Sleep disorders, mild pain and gastrointestinal disorders: CBD oil 2.5%, three drops morning and evening.
      • Mild pain: CBD oil 5%, 3 drops morning and evening the first week. During the second week there may be an increase of 5 drops each.
      • For severe pain and problems: CBD oil 5%, the first and second week 3 drops in the morning and in the evening. In the third week the dose can be increased to 3 times 5 drops per day.
      • Chronic complaints, serious illnesses and chemotherapy: CBD oil 10% or 15%, 4 drops in the morning and evening in the first week. During the second week, increase the dose to 5 drops each. It is possible to increase the dose slightly again in the third week.

      Shelf life and storage

      CBD oil is a natural product, so it decomposes naturally. This breakdown occurs through air, light and heat.

      However, it is possible to slow down this inevitable degradation. CBD oil is usually filled in dark bottles to prevent light from getting too close to the oil.

      It is best to store the oil in a dark, cool place. It is important to always close the bottle tightly after use. Many users put the bottle in the refrigerator. Of course, this is only an option, not a must. A rather cool room is also very suitable for storage.

      With the right packaging, such as those for CBD oils from JustBob.co.uk, and with the right storage, CBD oil is generally very durable.

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