Blow, new Killason’s music video French singer

      At the height of his 23 years, KillASon hopes to reach new heights ! After the exuberant The Rize in 2016 and STW1 in April 2017, the young French rapper returns in January 2018 with a new EP STW2, always more dancing and emblematic of his « energy music ».

      As a start to this exciting new musical chapter, discover BLOW’s new single, available today.

      Sketching a xenophobic Europe on the verge of implosion, BLOW’s clip draws two moving bodies in an atmosphere that is both electric and oppressive. Two pure and singular bodies, watched by a malicious screen, fight to assert their freedom, their identity and their difference. At the same time, rejecting prejudices about their religion or their skin color, these two beings try, as best they can, to express their love for one another. A very rhythmic, fast, sensual and resolutely rock music video, to discover below !

      Lire la version française

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