Arkadin and his poetic rnb French Artist

      We exchanged with Arkadin, a poetic artist whose rnb wants to be pop/electro with urban zest. Immerse yourself in the artist’s rnb exploration through his conversation with Angela, the Business Developer.

      KODD MAGAZINE: Tell me about yourself and your career.

      ARKADIN: I have a atypical career background because I started studying in the cinema, wanting to make films. Subsequently, my little brother created a pop group « Coming soon ». I joined the group writing texts for them and I became one of the group’s singers. « Coming soon » has a great story because we created the soundtrack to the American movie « Juno » with Vampire and Tree Hugger titles. To this day we are unveiling albums and soon, a fourth in September 2018, tours, festivals … etc

      Being a very folk band, I wanted to listen to more rap, rnb … Things quite different from what we do in the group. Then there was France Inter who launched a radio-hook for authors/composers and I started by offering mainly songs in French with beats rnb and prod. more electro. This is what they liked and it was a great springboard and a great solo experience. This is how the Arkadin project was born. The rest of my story is also due to meetings with the parisian producers duo « Twinsmatic » (Booba, Damso’s beatmakers …, Editor’s note). They realized then my first album « Atlanta in 2016, Editor’s note ». And for the stage, I collaborate among others with Jun Suzuki and Theo Bumby with whom I produced my EP « Aurora ».

      KM: After your first album Atlanta in 2016, you made a comeback with your EP Aurora this month. How did it take place?

      A: It was very spontaneous, a pause moment, without pressure at the edge of a lake with Jun Suzuki and Theo Bumby. Everything was structured in song. Once the 4 titles finalized, we decided to bet on a very Rnb EP, around the love and the fall out.

      KM: Why the RnB ? More precisely, the poetic RnB ?

      A: Today in 2018, what comes close in what I call « pop » is a kind of natural mix between urban sounds, a little rap, electro and at the same time a desire to sing, to seduce … A link with soul, pop and especially a favorite for this music.

      Initially when I was in an old label, it was almost a bit pejorative … Today the poetic rnb « neo rnb, Editor’s note. » is a more understandable style.

      KM: Your EP is quite sentimentally poetic. Why not choose a rnb more raw and neutral ?

      A: It’s a choice of affinity, a personal choice. I wrote this EP between a break and a meeting and for me there is a simple gesture, the four songs have a simple feeling.

      I worked on two falls: the love at first sight and how falls out of love « Fall out of love as say the Americans, Editor’s note ». These are themes that go very well to the EP.

      KM: Tell me the story behind the music video « Home Alone » in feat with Adam Green.

      A: What’s funny is that it was the strangest sound of the EP … It’s quieter, more monolithic « very little variation, very subtle, Editor’s note. » So I thought it was necessary to illustrate this song in pictures to really hear some variations, some caresses, some prod. And I really wanted this story to come from the drawing.

      It is my companion, Nini Peony « Inès Carratié, Editor’s note » who drew and directed the clip. She was really inspired by photos of me, at home, in front of the window, on a couch … mixed by EP influences, with birds, words of sages, non religious prayers. It’s really a landscape music video.

      KM: What are your musical influences ?

      A: It would be a lie to say we did not listen to The Weeknd. It’s really an artist that I am since its beginnings … Since its first mixtapes very rnb, to more rap albums and formats much more pop. I also have other influences including Drake, Christophe, James Blake, Bashung and many other artists that I listen to, not to mention the films « the first passion of the artist, Editor’s note ».

      KM: What is the continuation of your adventure?

      A: I really enjoyed composing, create music video and playing with this EP. As early as September, we start composing again. I think I would like to make an album but after it is not excluded to make a Single first or an EP. But I think the next step is an album.

      KM: One last word ?

      A: Listen to my album with poetry (laugh …).

      Aurora” EP is available on all legal download platforms.

      Interviewed by Angela Anz

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