Aleppo soap: when tradition and well-being are one Advice

      If we say Aleppo soap ? What would you say? If you don’t know it, you are at the right place to learn more about this traditional know-how. It is a real care for the skin. However, it can also be used for hair. It is mainly composed of bay laurel and olive oil.

      Originally from Syria, this soap is suitable for everyone: from babies to seniors and all skin types. It is particularly recommended by dermatologists for all people with dry skin, in case of eczema, psoriasis or acne.

      What is Aleppo soap ?

      Known to be the oldest soap in the world, Aleppo soap is over 3000 years old. With a craft manufacturing until today, the know-how and tradition of this product are a dazzling success. Genuine Aleppo soap is a care that softens and purifies the skin.

      Especially thanks to its multiple active ingredients and its name (Aleppo soap type). To obtain this treasure, we must wait about nine months that it dries in the open air before marketing.

      Les différents savons d’Alep

      To choose your soap of Aleppo, you must pay attention to the quality of the product. Indeed, there are several types of soaps according to the balance between olive oil (for its sweetness) and bay laurel oil (for its fragrance, strength and dermatological virtues). We recommend that you get in touch with professionals if you have specific needs to make the right choice.

      For example, you can opt for sites specialising in slow cosmetics and inviting you to use cosmetic products in a more ecological way. You will find creative craftsmen who offer natural products (100Bon, Gaiia, Théophile Berthon or Mas Sophia).

      Aleppo soap: how to make the right choice ?

      To decide on your choice of soap, we recommend that you pay attention to the following:

      • it must not be greasy,
      • its colour should be golden brown,
      • when the soap is cut in half, its heart should be more or less dark green,
      • it must give off a pleasant smell of laurel and olive,
      • it should float in the water (this is not a guarantee),
      • it should be stored in a dry place away from the sun.

      Concerning its price, you should count on average between €4 and €9 for a soap of about 100 grams. It is the ideal product to take care of your body, your hair and much more, in complete safety! Real Swiss Army Knife, this multi-purpose soapis very appreciated by people with problem skin for its natural surgras.

      At last you’re a connoisseur of this jewel! 100 % biodegradable, this pure soap, without preservatives and composed of a natural perfume, will be your best ally on a daily basis. According to your budget, you will find your happiness among all the ranges proposed in pharmacy, parapharmacy, in the natural and organic care shops or on specialized sites. To choose it is to adopt it! On your marks, soap yourself endlessly with softness!

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