5 shoes to adopt for this 2019 summer Trend to follow

      Still do not know what shoes to wear for this summer 2019 ? We have the solution to your problem! For this season, « daring » is the key word. As fashionistas, but especially fanatics of shoes, you must be ready to have the shoes at the forefront of the trend.

      Whether you are a fan of sneakers, sandals, sneakers, moccasins or sneakers / runners, we have concocted a selection of our favorite shoes at the forefront of fashion. If you are simplistic, bet on the colors instead, however if you are bold, opt for printed models. Going through the most classic pairs to the most eccentric pairs, our selection may empty your wallet and / or your bank account (or not …) because everything obviously depends on your budget and your requirements in terms of fashion.

      Let’s talk about it, let’s talk about it, sneakers come into play : if you’re an addict sneaker, you’ll find your happiness at Nike including the famous Nike Air Max 97 model. Available in several colors and models, this basketball trend will accompany you all summer. Easy to wear, shorts or a skirt with a tee-shirt or crop top, will do the trick! We forget especially its little bag in banana shape and for the finish of your look, tinted sunglasses (we recommend choosing pink or yellow tinted glasses, to play American boy or girl). You will get as well, a 100% streetwear look.

      As for the sandals, you will find as much your happiness in the shops or eshop fast fashion (H&M, Zara, Asos, Missguided … etc) than with creators or fashion houses (Versace, Gucci, Amelie Pichard … etc). Dare the sandals way « Greek gods » for this summer, you will create jealous for sure! Sandals is good but, sneakers or moccasins, will accompany you all summer on your trips « Apéros » between friends If you are planning to go on vacation, bet absolutely on these two pairs that are must have of your dressing room.

      Finally, the stars of the podium, the sneakers/runners! Who does not have a pair of sneakers / runners in his closet today? Nobody (well, hopefully … If you do not have your pair, it’s time to fix it). Timeless trend, basketball is a must in summer, as every season. No need to be sporty to strut with sneakers / runners. The only thing that counts is to feel comfortable and choose the one that suits you best. Among the thousands of runners that exist, we had a big crush on adidas Ultra Boost sneakers, because they are comfortable and modern, but also because they will still be a hit this summer. Thanks to the lightness of this pair, the heat will lose the battle! You will walk with pride, both at the beach and in town, in the mountains or in the countryside.

      Now that you have chosen the shoe of your dreams for this summer of 2019, let’s talk about colors! The colors to opt for this season have a touch of softness: pastels, hot sand … Your feet will say thank you for sure. You will wear cotton candy colors, candy-colored shoes and / or cloud. Pastel is the king of the season (the Game of Throne series only has to stand with its dark colors!). You will also see life in pink ladies and gentlemen! Pink everywhere, for all: the light colors from head to toe. Which means that your shoes will not escape. Good news or not, if you are not a fan of pink, you can dare to choose a pair with pink details (soles, laces for sneakers … etc). These other colors are also in the race: gold, silver and copper. These colors that remind us immediately the medals, can also mix if you like the risk (pink/silver or copper/blue pastel for example). Finally, nude, white and purple, will also finish your look. Ready to jump? It’s up to you to play and select the color(s) that suit you.

      Colors are too minimal for you? Do you prefer to be maximalist? It is possible with « printed » shoes. Long live the prints! Long live the color-block! Long live the mix and match! During this season, the print goes to heart joy. At Kodd, we are totally fans because it will brighten up your look. The prints are everywhere: flowers, leopard, snake, polka dots, wax … You will find your happiness according to the pair you want! Now that you’re an expert shoe trendser for this season, all you have to do is decide. Let’s go!

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