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      Fashionistas know it very well: hair accessories are a must have this season to display a glamorous and trendy look. They brighten up holiday outfits and add a touch of sophistication to evening wear. But what are the best hair accessories for a glamorous look? Some ideas in this article.

      The hairband, a must-have for a glamorous look

      Le The headband is an absolutely timeless and essential accessory. Just when we thought it was forgotten, it makes an unexpected and noticed appearance on the great fashion scenes. This summer, it is back in force.

      The hair band, which you can find for example at, is an accessory that fits any style of clothing and hairstyle, provided of course that you choose the right model. If you want to enhance your beachwear, choose a cotton or matt polyester headband. This is the perfect complement to your casual look (little jean shorts and t-shirt or little dress).

      For a more elaborate outfit, whether for a day at work or an evening with friends, choose a silk or satin headband. A loose bun with your headband and your look will be at its best.

      Looking for a more glamorous touch for a special event or a trendy evening out? Choose a lace or sequined headband. Make a sophisticated bun with your accessory. Seduction effect guaranteed!

      The barrette, a timeless

      Hair clips are often considered an accessory for little girls. Today, all the stars wear one on their heads. The advantage is that the barrettes fit all hairstyles and hair types. All you have to do is find the right model that will enhance your hairstyle.

      On the back of the head, the barrette above the nape of the neck will give a fancy touch to your hair tied up in a ponytail or bun. As for the large barrettes, they fit all hairstyles. However, avoid this type of accessory if you have very fine hair.

      Medium hair clips are useful for holding a strand of hair to the side of your face to make you look wiser. For a stylish look, dare to use the accumulated barrettes to hold braids in place.

      The scrunchy scarf for a successful glamorous look

      Also called fouchie, the scarf scrunchy is one of the most fashionable hair accessories. It is a combination of scarf and chouchou. Its advantage? It allows you to wear a variety of hairstyles and gives a very elegant and chic look.

      The chouchou scarf gives an original touch to hair rolled up in a low bun. The trick is to tie the bun and let the fouchie float on your back. A little top or a backless dress will complete this hairstyle perfectly.

      A simple ponytail tied with a scrunchy scarf will immediately become a stylish hairstyle. To do this, choose a scarf scrunchy in a trendy or flowery colour.

      To give charm to your casual look, wear a half ponytail tied with a scrunchy scarf. For added pizzazz, choose a colour that is different from your hair colour.

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